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Latina Mastermind
15 min2017 JAN 2
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Feedback- Love it or Hate It - You Need It


Have you ever received glowing feedback that was sprinkled with a touch of negativity? Perhaps someone loved an article you published, but they felt there was still room for improvement. What about receiving feedback that feels more judgmental than it does constructive? How can you improve your ability to give feedback to others in a way that is non-judgmental and well thought-out? It’s important to realize that feedback is crucial to our everyday life, business, and interactions. It is as essential as air and water; without it – it is impossible to learn, grow, and improve our skills, and it’s not always meant to be critical or insulting. When you change your mindset around how you give and interpret feedback, you pave the path to improving your leadership skills, advancing in your career, and growing your business or organization. On today’s episode, we’re going to discuss some of the “best practices” for giving and receiving feedback and how you can learn to improve your l...