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37 minAPR 2
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Finding Purpose & Belonging After Healing From Trauma: Voices 59 With Sarah Jakes Roberts


Imagine being 13, the daughter of an influential megachurch pastor…and pregnant. That’s how Sarah Jakes Roberts began her journey to motherhood – and she grappled with feelings of shame and questions surrounding her self-worth while wondering if she could ever afford to “dream big” again. Today, Sarah is a happily married mom of six kids, a pastor and sought-after speaker, and five-time book author. In today’s Voices episode, Sarah tells Meagan about her journey from scared teen mom to mentor and leader, why she encourages moms to seek “soul care” as well as self-care, and how to dig deep to work toward purpose in your life.

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in this episode:

Check out Sarah’s new book, Woman Evolve, coming out April 6!

Connect with Sarah on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Sarah has a podcast called The Woman Evolve Podcast