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Podcast Goals
37 min2018 SEP 4
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#FitnessGoals ft. BitBeefy – Nike running coach and TrackMafia founder Cory shares his top fitness tips


In this week’s episode of Podcast Goals Amy and Sophie meet the Founder of TrackMafia, lead coach of Nike+ Run Club and all round legend Cory (AKA Bit Beefy) to discuss all things #FitnessGoals. After watching a friend run the London Marathon a few years ago, Cory felt inspired and told friends that he would run it the following year. They laughed at him -he was overweight and unfit – surely he would never do it? Cory discusses that journey, gives his top tips to help you find the motivation you need to get fit, reveals a common fitness tactic that can actually be bad for us, and Amy and Sophie question how they can be part of the #FitFam. You’ll feel like you’re getting the glow just listening to this episode. Enjoy! 

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