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18 minAPR 17
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Fri. 04/16 – Chip Shortage To Continue; Sucks For Everyone, Basically


The biggest semiconductor companies in the world warn than the global chip shortage might roll on for years. Could that recent batch of Facebook accounts showing up on the dark web lead to the dreaded maximal GDPR action? Apple says it pays artists more than Spotify does, but is that really true? Depends on how you run the numbers. And of course, the weekend longreads suggestions.

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Links:Intel, Nvidia, TSMC execs agree: Chip shortage could last into 2023 (Ars Technica)Facebook faces ‘mass action’ lawsuit in Europe over 2019 breach (Tech Crunch)Apple Music Reveals How Much It Pays When You Stream a Song (Wall Street Journal)

Weekend Longreads Suggestions:Dogecoin: The meme that somehow became a real cryptocurrency (Cnet)They were ancient internet memes. Now NFTs are making them rich (Wired)Why did Microsoft spend $19.7 billion to purchase Nuance? The answer may lie beyond health care. (Protocol)A Little-Known Upstart Might Just Beat Google to Autonomous Driving (Bloomberg Business Week)Hip-Hop Loves Cash App, and That Might Be Why Jack Dorsey Bought Tidal (GQ)Why a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be a catastrophe for China and the world (Doxa)Strong Bad ... thank you: The Flash icon endures as the internet rapidly changes (Polygon)

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