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The Mom Hour
53 minAPR 6
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Friendships in Motherhood, Part One (Redefining “Ride Or Die”): Episode 307


In a year that changed nearly everything about how humans connect and communicate, it's no surprise that friendships in motherhood have changed. Some deepened over the past year, as the pandemic gave us new ways to bond (and hard stuff to get real about). Some fell away, strained by distance or differences. And pandemic or no pandemic, not every close friendship is created equal, and they all go through seasons of change. In today's episode, part one of two all about friendships in motherhood, Meagan and Sarah look at "ride or die" friendships (including a critical look at what that even means). We talk about ways close friends can show up for each other when things are hard, how close friendships have adapted over the past year, and what to keep in mind if you're missing or grieving close friendships in your life right now.