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Health Matters with Rosie Bank
20 min2018 NOV 10
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Giving Thanks for an Embodied Life – Podcast #23


#23 Giving Thanks for an Embodied Life
Giving thanks to your body during the holiday season… and throughout the year.

Rosie Bank discusses how, when, and why giving thanks to your body is a wholesome endeavor to practice on an on-going basis.

Listen in as Rosie encourages you to develop a lasting gratitude-based relationship with your body.

Learn to say “Thank you body” to show your appreciation.
Listen to your emotions instead of using food to bury them.
Use words like peace, relaxation, calm, and harmony to change your point of focus.
Use health and body based events in your life as opportunities to make hew pro-vitality choices.
Practice wholesome habits.

It is no accident that the Health Matters brand is described as love your body and get your body to love you back. Rosie is passionate about helping you discover why you are worth it, why your best life depends on your making it a priority to take good care of you, and why now is the best time to focus on nourishing your body and nurturing your soul.

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