Visions, Faith, and the Persecuted Church
1h 0min2021 MAR 5
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Grace Time Trouble arrives at the very end of chapter 32, then shows up in chapter 33 of Isaiah's prophetic book part 83. It is everyone's nightmare. You are living, with your faith; daily as you work and raise the family. Politics are usual and you spend time thinking on other things. Yet, one day a huge force of the Assyrians arrive at the gates of Jerusalem after moving into Judah. Go more info Grace Time Trouble, here in #Isaiah's #prophetic arena; it means that those serving the #Lord God can find #Grace in #Time of #Trouble. Looking around today, we find lots of believers in our God and Father and our #LordJesus [Yeshua] #Christ who need this grace for deliverance and sustenance. In Judah's time this references a period when #Assyria moves through the land and stops at the gates of #Jerusalem. Through some time we have been moving through Isaiah's account and words here. In Chapter 33, it is no different and we have a time set here of Fourteen years...

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