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Health Matters with Rosie Bank
34 min2018 AUG 3
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Gut Health with Dr. Karen Wolfe- Podcast #21


#21 Gut Matters:
4 Ways to Optimize Your Digestion to Boost Your 'Second Brain' and Improve Your Mood

Interview with Dr. Karen Wolfe

Join Rosie and her guest, Dr. Karen Wolfe as they discuss why and how having a healthy gut is among the most important keys toward a vibrant body.

Why is the gut important?
What is Functional Medicine?
What is the link between our mood and our gut?
How can you improve digestion?

Gut health is a focus for all of us who love our bodies and want our bodies to love us back. A healthy gut helps you feel more alive, helps you get the essential nutrients from your food, helps you be in a good mood, and helps you have a healthy brain… and more that Dr. Karen will show you.*

Dr. Karen Wolfe is an Australian physician, entrepreneur, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, author and international speaker. Dr. Karen was born in Sydney Australia and graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and completed a Master’s Degree in Psychology from National University in California. Dr. Karen worked initially in Australia as a family physician.

For more information visit and to receive Dr. Karen’s generous gift of her new eBook, Gut Matters, click here http://drkarenwolfe.org/gutmatters/

*On this episode Dr. Karen recommends two specific products to promote and support gut health, pro-biotics and liver detox. As distributors for the same nutriceutical company, USANA Health Sciences, you can purchase the products that Dr. Karen mentioned at www.RosieHealth.USANA.com.

The products are called USANA Probiotic and Hepasil DTX respectively. The prices and more info is in the Customer Brochure.

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