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Wellnesspass "Longevity & rejuvenation"
13 min2019 OCT 7
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How I triumphed over my bad cravings, and adopted with macrobiotic diet?!


Hi everyone!, Its Wellnesspass.

Welcome to a new episode, in this episode I talked how I triumphed over my bad cravings. This episode comes when I was talking to my mother and remembering when I rejected the idea of this diet, when my mother first told me about it to start a new therapeutic journey that I thought it will fail since I tried many different diets befor in addition to medicines and herbs but with out any benefit. This diet its completely different.

In this episode I talked about:

- Why I rejected this diet at first !.
- Cutting off the food items that I'm intolerant to is not enough.
- This diet successed controling my bad cravings.
- Chweing well controlled my cravings.
- Complex Carbs and vegetal foods have all sweetness you need!.
- Proper meals to control sweet cravings.
- Meat and Complex Carbs.

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