55min2022 JUL 15
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There are plenty of logistics data points that industry folks love to analyze but why are there so few data points when it comes to freight marketing? Well, in today’s show we’re changing that with a first look into how 20 of the top carriers in freight treat their website and digital marketing efforts–and how your company can replicate these same tactics. Also on the show is a new TikTok fav to follow, Rocket Shipping. Their CEO Gabe Pankonin joins the show to talk about the nuances of shipping LTL, crappy TMS systems, and how they’re diving head first into content marketing. Cyberly is sponsored by the Munayyer Group. Check out their website to learn more about their premium recruiting services. Cyberly is hosted by Blythe Brumleve and covers B2B marketing, the attention economy, and how it ties into the world of logistics. Airing every Thursday at 2pm ET, you can follow the podcast on Spotify and Apple while catching the video replays on FreightWaves TV. With fully furnished state-of-the-art repair trucks and a full array of roadside tools, you can expect the safest, fastest, and most painless response for your fleet from Love's Truck Care & Speedco. To learn more about our roadside assistance, please visit

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