Breaking Average
36min2022 APR 22
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Paul and Rick continue the How To series as we discuss how to be a blessing. The word blessing does not seem to be used as much as it used to according to Google (other than overused as hashtags). What is a blessing? How can you become one? Who determines what is and is not a blessing? Find out here! Watch us on the weekly Empowered Living show at noon on Thursday or on YouTube. We’re always looking for the story of Breaking Average from the communities that we serve that the world that our listeners are involved in. If you know of a leader out there who is Breaking Average, in the way that they lead, the way that they serve their communities, their organizations, the leaders around them, we'd love for you to go to let us know of a leader that you think we should talk to as well. Purchase the Breaking Average book by clicking here: Connect with your Breaking Average Crew: Paul Gustavson & Rick A. Morris Produced by Rick A. Morris with R2 Multimedia, LLC

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