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The Quit Your Job in 6 Months Podcast
33 min2015 AUG 14
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How to Make Money From a Podcast


Episode 003: In this podcast episode, Buck Flogging talks with Adam Bailey, host of the Running Sober Podcast, who’s biggest goal is to make people laugh and inspire them to get clean. Though his authenticity is attractive and addicting to many, he comes to Buck today to talk about how to monetize a podcast and create a business model that actually works.

Here’s what Buck and Adam cover in this episode:

* Adam discusses his podcast launch plan

* Figuring out a business model for podcasting that works

* The benefits of hosting an online summit in your expertise

* Various ways to create more revenue from a podcast

* Why people will be attracted to purchasing coaching from Adam

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Listen to How to Make Money From a Podcast below. Enjoy the show, Quitters!