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55 min2017 JUL 17
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Hugh Masekela & Stewart Levine - the Untold Story behind organizing Africa's Most Historic Festival


In 1974, Hugh Masekela ZA & Stewart Levine set out to organise a music festival in Africa.

They approached boxing promoter Don King with the proposal to combine the festival with a title fight that King was organising between Muhammad Ali & George Foreman, later known as the legendary "The Rumble In The Jungle".

Don King agreed and 80 000 people showed up, in Zaire (Congo), to watch 14 of the top African-American artists such as James BrownBB KingBill Withers & The Mighty Spinners perform along side 17 African artists such as Miriam MakebaTPOK Jazz, and Tabu Ley Rochereau in their common homeland for the first time in Africa's history!!!

However when the documentaries & albums chronicling the festival were released they left off all the African artists and this piece of musical history was lost forever. Until now...

Last year Hugh & Stewart opened up the tapes from the live show and were blown away. They were mesmerized. "Although the American artists were great, these African artists were out to do it in front of their own people." 
The world needed to hear these recordings and so Hugh & Stewart have just released 'Zaire 74: The African Artists' - A double album of these long lost recordings.

Tune into www.theeye.tv  to listen to Hugh and Stewart sit down 43 years later to tell the story behind organising Africa's most historic festival as well as play some tracks from the new 'Zaire 74: The African Artists' album!!!


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