Light Warrior Radio with Dr. Karen Kan
1h 17min2019 DEC 31
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Art is generally considered to be a uniquely human activity in which a person produces something for the aesthetic appreciation of others. If you look up definitions of art, you will find art being linked solely to humans. Masterplants Orchestra believes that we won’t find these definitions anymore in the next couple of decades because they have found that more and more people are becoming moved by interspecies art. And they believe that this emotional involvement with other species is key to an important change. Most of us realize that humans are not the only intelligent, conscious beings on earth. There are so many examples of intelligence in animals, nature and in the subtle realms on our planet. There are elephant painters, dog musicians, and many other animal species that have been witnessed making some form of art amongst species such as apes, cetacea and reptiles. And plants - Masterplants’ current main area of exploration - are known to make music. However, these examples ...

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