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Keep It Real With Khadija Podcast
35 min2020 APR 17
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Interview With 2019 BBC Apprentice Winner Carina Lepore


This week, Khadija keeps it real with the winner of BBC’s The Apprentice 2019, Carina Lepore!

Carina discusses how it feels to be Lord Sugar’s new business partner, how she’s teaching her family about the value of hard work, and the burning desire for success that drives her onwards and upwards.

Sometimes experiences such as The Apprentice, or other business opportunities, can allow us to see our plans from a different perspective, and cause us to completely realign our goals.
Children should be instilled with the knowledge that hard work is the only way to success. The window of opportunity is small, so we need to make sure we catch it before it’s too late.
Every entrepreneur needs a why, but it needs to be a much deeper-rooted reason than simply money.
The greatest lesson learned is to be yourself. It’s impossible to comprehend the disappointment you would feel if you went through life trying to be something you’re not.


‘I went in there with the intention of winning. 100%!’

‘If you want to be successful just for the money, then you won’t be successful’

’This is me now. I’m providing a service to the local community, for as long as this is with us’

‘Unless you’ve been in it, you can never really understand'


Keeping it Real with Khadija Podcast  

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Keep it real with Khadija is an interview-based podcast hosted by Khadija Kalifa. As a BBC Apprentice finalist and busy Mumpreneur, Khadija is on a mission to build an empire whilst raising two children, inspiring others to make their passion their profession. Khadija speaks openly about how she grew up in an underprivileged area, turned her daughter’s birth trauma into a motivational story, and became a BBC Apprentice finalist, successful business mentor, motivational speaker, property investor and podcast host. Guests of the show speak candidly about life, business, mental health, mindset and making the most of every opportunity.





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