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Chatting with Rabbi Mike
32 min2017 MAY 2
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Israel’s Independence Day as Celebrated in the United States


Many Jewish Americans in the US remember Israel’s Independence Day, also known as Yom Ha’Atzmaut (or Yom HaAtzmaut). Celebrations are annually held on or around the 5th day of the month of Iyar, according to the Jewish calendar. Many Jewish organizations, including community centers, university student groups, & some schools, organize events to celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Many of these events are open to the general public and include entertainment such as: Kosher pizza dinners, Singing, music & dance performances, Face painting, Flag-making activities, Barbecues, Special rides, including camel rides.Some Jewish communities also celebrate Israel’s Independence Day with benefit concerts featuring bands from Israel, & local bands. A variety of music is usually offered, ranging from traditional music with a rock twist to modern music from Israel. Various art & craft activities for children & young teenagers are also incorporated into events that celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut, which is not a federal public holiday in the United States.Yom Ha’Atzmaut commemorates when David Ben-Gurion, who was Israel’s first prime minister, publicly read the Israel’s Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948. According to the Jewish calendar, this was the 5th day of Iyar, the 8th month of the civil year, in the year 5708.The most prominent symbol seen at events that celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut is Israel’s flag. This is a white rectangle in the ratio 11:8 with 2 horizontal blue stripes, one at the top and one at the bottom. A regular hexagram, known as the Star of David, or Megan David, is depicted in blue between the stripes.Courtesy of www.TimeandDate.com