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Poker Divas
58min2018 OCT 31
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Today we will talk with Patsy Doerr speaker, columnist, thought leader and Global Head, of Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion at Thomson Reuters.Everyone understands the importance of diversity but inclusion is often overlooked. There is no place more diverse than a poker table with the exception being women but just because you check the boxes doesn’t mean your finished.We’ll talk to patsy about :
-Why Diversity and Inclusion has become such a hot button
-How people can identify biases whether at the poker table or the conference table
-Whether you can have diversity if one group is excluded
-How she built from scratch the jobs she wanted as she pursued her passion for D&I.Tune in to learn more!Segment 1 Today show is about diversity and inclusion. It is more than just checking off boxes it is about inclusion. There are not enough women at the Poker table. Today’s Special guest is Patsy Doerr speaker,columnist, thought leader and Global Head, of Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion at Thomson Reuters. Patsy discusses why diversity is such a hot topic now and the challenges along way.Segment 2 Ellen and Patsy talk about the challenges in making organizations more diverse and inclusive. Patsy touches on why Organizations are finding it difficult to stick with a diversity strategy and the importance of strong support from the  CEO and senior people in a company. A lot of diversity strategies tend to run in a policing sort of way which can be a turn off to employees . Patsy and Ellen also discuss how important it is not only to be diverse but also to be inclusive and the importance of affinity groups coming together and supporting one another.Segment 3 In this segment, Ellen touches on how women are less intimidating when there are all women events. Women tend to feel more comfortable among each other and not being the only female in the room. Women have had to adapt to male eccentric places for a long period of time. Ellen talks about individual affinity groups and how sometimes it can cause a backlash among the genders. All people want to feel apart of something. Ellen talks about how diversity is not all about what you can see, it’s about opinions and inclusiveness as well. Ellen also talks about the data that shows diversity helps organizations make better decisions and improves businesses overall.Segment 4 Ellen discusses her background in marketing and what she learned from her experience. Ellen touches on how adding a person from a different background and a new perspective can give your company a sounding board to spring off on. Sometimes you need a different voice at the table. Ellen also discusses diversity and inclusion improves the odds of success and be conscious of including a diverse group. It’s a great way to have idea flow and gain success. In closing Ellen talks about how Poker can be a great equalizer and gives people access to free flowing ideas. Being at the Poker table is a great lesson in diversity and learning new strategies in life.