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Optimise Your Body with Martin Silva
58 min2020 FEB 11
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Jamie Alderton- Turning your hardship into happiness


I was fortunate enough to have Jamie Alderton on the show for the second time. Jamie Alderton is a best-selling author and social media expert who helps thousands of people develop their body, brain and business. He runs one of the top body transformation challenges in the UK and has broken world records with his feats of endurance in sled pushing, backwards running and box jumping. He balances the entire act with his family life as a loving husband and father of two.Jamie’s Instagram: @jayaldertonJamie's new book:MeltdownDURING THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT:Jamie explains why mindset is so important when it comes to developing your body, brain and businessWhy finding balance in your life is the key to successJamie’s journey from being made redundant, to becoming a top selling author and having a number 1 podcast on iTunesWhy rest and taking time out is so important in terms of optimising your body, brain and businessJamie runs us through the four pillars of overall health from his new book- MeltdownHow to unplug from social media and disconnect from technology to improve your productivityThe importance of getting good sleep and implementing a night routineJamie’ morning routine and why this is so valuable to himCold water therapy benefits for the mindWhy doing one thing that you dislike every morning is so importantThe discipline required for Jamie to push a 140kg sled for 24 hoursThe biggest challenges Jamie faced whilst breaking 3 world records including box jumping Mount Everest and running backwards for 24 hoursStoicism and how this helped Jamie turn his hardships into happinessLearning lessons from setbacks to achieve successRATINGS & REVIEWSIf you liked this episode then please head over to iTunes to give this podcast a rating and review, this is the best way for this podcast to reach more people. Also please share this podcast link to any friends or family who you think will benefit from this podcast.WHERE ELSE CAN I LISTEN TO THIS PODCASTCurrently, you can listen to this podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Castbox.