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Candid Conversation
112 min2017 NOV 9
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Jason of Sentinel Pest Control


Jason Guadalupe is the owner ofSentinel Pest Control in Boise Idaho. For the first time in my life, I've actually met someone that enjoys working pest control. Jason admits he is a bit of a "pest control nerd", geeking out on the industry, the "material" they use and the application methods. Hey, I'm all for killing bugs, but you will NEVER find me in a crawl space chasing down spiders or other creepy disgustingwhatevers; NOPE. So there has to be someone out there that truly LOVES helping people out with their pest control problems/abatement, and that man is Jason Guadalupe. In this podcast we cover Jiu Jitsu (no surprise there), my IBJJF competition at Long Beach, Jason's year in Hungary, Pest Control, and some stories that made me squirm just listening to them. This Podcast is brought to you by: Boise Mobile DJ. That's my company. If you are looking for a wedding or event DJ, then check out BoiseMobileDJ.com and please hit me up. The Base Training Center Boise. This is where both ...