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Jawnville: The Philly Podcast
48 min2017 NOV 28
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Jawnville Podcast Episode 23


The Jawnville Podcast Episode 23 is here just in time for distract you from Holiday shopping frustration with some insights, news, and laughs.

As usual, we sit at O’Neal’s pub, drink copious amounts of alcohol and share our drunken wisdom, tips, insight and personal revelations.

This episode includes discussion of:

-The Porn Police 2:46

-Skipping out on Bar Tabs 3:58

-Breaking into Homes So You Don’t Have to Drink Alone 6:05

-Is the new bar with slides and a ball-pit for adults a germpool waiting to happen 7:50

-Bartender Bill and some drunk dude from Alabama 9:50

-Drinking before a doctor’s appointment and guys going to an OB/GYN 14:40

-Gut reactions to the top 24 bars of Philly Mag’s 2017 Best Bar list 16:38

-Hoods, Helmets, and Smegma: To Get Your Child Circumcised or Not? 31:20

-We make Nicole’s mom up to weigh in on the circumcision discussion. 40:24

-30 days of no drinking and getting high for the first time 46:20

Thanks to O’neals Pub (611 S. 3rd Street) for being our host and Black Landlord for the music.

As always, thanks to you for listening and sharing and helping us generate the thousands of listens we been lucky enough to receive.

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