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Hazon: The Jewish Lab for Sustainability
59 minMAR 9
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Just What is Shmita?


In this season, we will be sharing the recordings of a six part speaker series called Acting for Change, Creating Justice produced by Ekar Farms, an earth-based Jewish urban farm in Denver, CO. We will look at how to use ancient Jewish traditions, like Shmita, to catalyze conversations that inspire individual and collective actions to work towards justice. Each episode will have a new speaker to explore the interwoven themes of Judaism, connection to land, and modern social justice movements. We hope this series will inspire you to take action on some of these issues during the upcoming Shmita Year. You can learn more about this series and other programs at www.ekarfarm.org/shmita. This first episode features co-hosts Hannah Perez-Postman, Adam Brock, and their guest speaker, Nati Passow, who will share about a framework for understanding the history of Jewish agriculturalism and how the practice of Shmita developed. This series is produced in partnership with the Shmita Project. The Shmita Project is working to expand awareness about the biblical Sabbatical tradition, and to bring the values of this practice to life today to support healthier, more sustainable Jewish communities. We’ve recently launched the Shmita Prizes – a chance to create new ritual & meaning around the ancient practices of the sabbatical year. Submissions are being accepted through May 19, 2021. Learn more at www.shmitaproject.org.