Creative Chit Chat - Dundee
1h 7min2022 APR 20
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Fashion designer Kerrie Aldo joins me this week. Probably best known for her signature wax cotton jackets created using material from local manufacturer Halley Stevenson. We talk about slow vs fast fashion and how you get across the value of small scale sustainable production. Kerrie talks me through her journey starting out by being influenced by the indie music scene to finding her own style and how her audience has grown over time. A real pivotal point in her career came when she made a bit of an unexpected move down to Leeds but the business continued to grow and she worked on the Dundee Raincoat project with V&A Dundee during lockdown. As I hope will happen with lots more creatives in the coming years, Kerrie decided it was time for a move back to Dundee. Not the easiest of transitions and almost like starting all over again. But she now has a thriving brand, so much so she experienced a total burn out after a busy Christmas period. So is now look at how to scale and expand things while maintaining integrity and working with other suppliers. Kerrie's Website Kerrie's Instagram Dundee Sole

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