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The Law Firm Leadership Podcast | We Interview Corp Defense Law Firm Leaders, Partners, General Counsel and Legal Consultants
33 min2020 JUL 28
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Kristin Stark | Principal at Fairfax Associates | Law Firm Management Consultant| Hildebrandt & the Golden Years | 3 Reasons for a Merger | Peer-based Leadership | Better Managed Law Firms | Debt & Real Estate | Predicting the Competition | Family


I interviewed Kristin Stark | Principal at Fairfax Associates on Monday, May 11, 2020. We discussed several topics such as:

  • How She Became a Legal Consultant 
  • Hildebrandt, The Golden Years and Launching Fairfax Associates 
  • Law Firm Merger Advice and Leadership types 
  • What is Motivating Partner Departures 
  • Managing Debt & Real Estate Post-COVID-19
  • Thinking Ahead and the Big Four
  • Peer-based Leadership
  • Family Life & Summer Plans


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