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Keep It Real With Khadija Podcast
77 min2020 APR 20
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Leanne Brown Podcast Interview


This week, Khadija goes from “Keeping It Real” to Keeping It Real Housewives Of Cheshire, as she chats to TV star and serial mumpreneur, Leanne Brown. 

Khadija and Leanne talk about the challenges of quarantine and how she’s keeping her family safe, the spark of interest that’s caused Leanne to want to know more about the world, troubling labels such as “WAG", and the positive ways in which Leanne is using her profile to aid constructive projects and causes.  

COVID-19 has demonstrated to everyone that there are blessings to be found all around in life. From the luxury of a garden to food on the table, we need to keep happiness alive by appreciating the gifts we have.
The onset of the Coronavirus has sparked a newfound awareness for many people, in the many endeavours being made to help, and sometimes hinder, the fight against infectious diseases around the world.
We are capable of controlling our physiology using mind-set. It takes strength and will, but we can affect the way we feel by controlling the way we think.
Looking back on life with regret is dangerous. We cannot change the past. We can only influence the current moment, and do our best. It’s important not to punish ourselves later on.
Self-improvement can come in many different forms. Physical exercise is only one of the ways we can develop. We should also concentrate on nurturing our happiness and attitude towards others.


’These are the questions that have made me want to dig a little further’

’Stay grounded, stay positive, but also educate yourself’

’Nothing we do can ever be completely right, so we need to what’s good for us at that moment’

‘Dream big!’  


Keeping it Real with Khadija Podcast  

Leanne Brown Twitter - https://twitter.com/leanne_e_brown

One Woman At A Time - https://www.onewomanatatime.co.uk

Girl Got Grit - https://girlgotgrit.co.uk


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