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53min2018 JUN 22
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We are getting closer to The Valley Beyond (or The Door, or Glory, or The Forge) and all of the usual suspects are grappling with the choices that have led them to where they are now.

James and Jon spend some time speculating on the reality of our favorite (or least favorite) black-hat-wearing bad guy. We also question the nature of Dolores’ reality, and consider whether she is just part of Ford’s greater purpose as the hosts “Journey into Night”.

We can’t wait for the season finale. We hope you are enjoying the podcast (and Westworld, of course). Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter ( @WatchThis_Pod ) or send us an email to podcastwatchthis@gmail.com

See you next week as we wrap up Westworld Season 2 AND let you know about the next show we are watching.