Visions, Faith, and the Persecuted Church
59min2021 DEC 9
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Life of God brings us to the Signs of the end and the desire for Microchips in the human body. In addition, the enforcement of which through Stalinist or Nazi tactics do bring an alarm to many. But to us in the Light of the Lord know the signs of the end to which we are now witnesses. It is imperative for us to warn and exhort, but also to redeem those whom we can through Christ Jesus. For we are not only to do these things, but to love these into Christs Kingdom. Go more info. Life of God moves in those who have been #bornagain by the #SpiritofGod. Those who have #confessed their #sins, then #professed #Christ; are those who experience the #LifeofGod within and without. For we are in the world, not of the world. Yet as we live, we are an #odoroflife to those who #believe and an #odorofdeath to those who do not believe. We walk in the #lightofChrist and as his servants, we are #chosen out of this world who are tasked as the #witnesses of #Jesus#Christ. Th...

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