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Transit In Effect Podcast
7 min2019 DEC 17
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Light Years Ago



Making her debut on SOAR, Iris Santo's 'Forsaken EP' is a brooding and introspective piece of work. While Iris is new to SOAR she is not new to the Techno scene as she has performed on ULTRA stages and has had strong releases in the past. We are proud to have her join our family.
'Light Years Ago' is a stripped-down peak-hour techno track combing rolling layers of percussion, acid plucks, emotive pads, sonar pings and a beautiful arpeggiated cosmic breakdown giving a euphoric blast.

'Systems 11' would be described as a driving ambient techno track focused on tension-building atmosphere synths, a thumping bassline, stabby distorted toms, and rolling claps all dynamically unfolding to take the listener on an epic journey.

'Guiding Voices' is a blissful song of your not-so-typical 4/4 beat presenting an addictive groove while riding the waves of hypnotic melodies, sustained haunting voices and massive impact hits truly showcasing a distinctive trademark in her productions

This is a game-changing release for IRIS.