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KrickCast Presents The Definitive
20 minFEB 13
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LIVE MINI-SODE: Netflix Announces Redwall Adaptation!


On the heels of Netflix's announcement of their acquisition of the film rights to all 22 Redwallbooks and the adaptation of Redwalland Martin the Warrior, your Gatehouse pals get together for a quick reaction episode! Kathryn is excited. Brick's cold, dead heart is still too broken by what Netflix did to Watership Downto be able to love again, and he torments Kathryn with the idea of Cluny being given a tragic backstory. Kathryn likes the concept art. Brick's heart grows three sizes at the thought of getting hired by Netflix as story consultants. This minisode happened so quickly that Brick was caught without his usual mic, so we apologize for the occasionally wonky audio levels. What are your thoughts? Excited? Worried? Blasé? What do you think the adaptation will change from the books, and will it be good or bad? What shouldthey change? Who will make the cut for the voice cast? Let us know what you think and we'll feature your thoughts in an upcoming episode!