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Keep It Real With Khadija Podcast
74 min2020 APR 6
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Lord Sugars Publicist - Andrew Bloch founder of Frank PR


For the past 25 years, Andrew Bloch has managed the public relations of not just VIPs and celebrities such as Lord Alan Sugar, but also on behalf of brands such as Coca-Cola and Volkswagen.

Andrew talks about the proven public relation formula that has led him to worldwide success, the continuous role of marketing and PR in the face of a worldwide disruption, and the delicate balance between celebrity and ingenuity that, if handled correctly, can lead to lasting success.

Times like these serve to remind us of our strengths, and of the incredible efforts of teams we have built and developed. Those among our teams who adapt and rise to the challenge are an inspiration to us all.
Those seeking to ignite any newfound fame are wise to use the platform they’ve been given in order to fulfil their true potential. If they wish to become a businessperson, then act that way. Focus on the business and use the fame to elevate it.
Sometimes it’s not about having the largest following. It’s about having the right following. A smaller, more engaged, and more dedicated audience will be infinitely more valuable than a larger, passive one.
The rules of engagement between marketers and their audiences haven’t changed. The channels are the only things that have changed. People are still drawn to authenticity and a creative use of a celebrity profile.
The best in the business realise that just because they have the means to share, doesn’t mean they should. A wise, insightful approach is always preferable to overload. Less is most definitely more in the long run.
Andrew’s approach to marketing is always to begin with the idea, to perfect it and nurture it until formed, and to then decide on the best way of disseminating that idea. It is never channel-led but idea-led.


‘In a twisted way, forward-thinking entrepreneurs like this kind of challenge’

‘Use that fame to elevate your business’

‘It’s about being smart with your message’

‘What worked then works now: a clever use of celebrity, creativity, believability and authenticity’

‘Be true to what you want to be'


Keeping it Real with Khadija Podcast  

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