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45min2020 DEC 18
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Wintour sought refuge between the pages of a book as a child. Though now she is in a healthy and loving household she still suffers from PTSD and finds writing to be therapeutic. She is an advocate for mental health especially for children. She went to Grand Canyon University for psychology but that career path just didn’t feel right for her. It wasn’t until she buckled down and dedicated herself to her novel The Cursed Rose that things really started to fall into place. She found the path she was meant to walk. She has a bubbly and friendly personality but don’t let that fool you. Halloween is her favorite holiday and thrillers, horror, and anything with a surprising dark twist really peak her interest. Two of her favorite authors are Stephen King and Anne Rice. Plus she has an obsession with anything vampires. She was part of the San Antonio Romance Author Association (SARA) where she had amazing mentors that helped shape her into the author she is today. She now lives in Honol...

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