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Spine & Nerve podcast
25 min2020 APR 9
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Maintaining your health through the pandemic: guidance and science.


In this week's episode of the Spine & Nerve podcast, Dr. Brian Joves and Dr. Nicolas Karvelas discuss some of the recent guidance coming from state and federal organizations to decrease some of the secondary effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. The stress and anxiety for our patients, front line healthcare providers and essential workers, and the general public can cause significant significant secondary problems to our overall health and health system.

Listen in as the doctors discuss some tactics, and some of the science behind the tactics, to optimize your physical and mental health during these hard times.

The strategies that have been recommended by the California department of health and surgeon general include:
- Supportive relationships
- Exercise
- Sleep
- Nutrition
- Mental health support
- Mindfulness

We have discussed many of these and their relationship with patients in chronic pain in prior episodes. You can look there for a deeper dive.


This podcast is for information and educational purposes only, it is not meant to be medical advice. If anything discussed may pertain to you, please seek council with your healthcare provider. The views expressed are those of the individuals expressing them, they may not represent the views of Spine & Nerve.