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KrickCast Presents The Definitive
39 minFEB 27
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Marlfox (S2E4 of The Gatehouse: A Redwall Podcast)


Welcome to a special eco-friendly episode of The Gatehouse, in which we discuss all the things the Redwall novels are starting to reuse and recycle  — namely character types, scenery, plot points, tropes, and more!  Instead of one Big Bad we have eight of them.  Maybe nine?  Or maybe just one, but recycled seven or eight times?

We get a little Shakespearean — Kathryn waxes literary about the use of prologues and poetry, and Brick floats the notion that Marlfox is the story of a marginally more successful Lady Macbeth.  Kathryn fires her headcanons to take Florian Wifflachop’s editorial note at its word and theorize Marlfox as an entirely fictional play written & performed at Redwall, so the stock characters and reused materials make sense as dramatic elements based on myths and legends.

Join your ethically sourced, carbon-neutral, and fully biodegradable hosts for another 100% post-consumer-product episode of The Gatehouse as we dig into the 11th book of the Redwall series.