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Health Matters with Rosie Bank
22 min2018 JUN 15
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Marriage of Love and Health – Podcast #18


#18 Marriage of Love and Health
Interview with Kimi Avary

Continuing with the love/health/romance/vitality theme, please join Kimi Avary and me as we discuss how taking care of yourself positively impacts your love relationship.

Learn from Relationship Navigation Specialist, Kimi Avary (www.ConsciousCouplesNetwork.com) as she shares relevant and powerful distinctions to keep you love and health alive. (See below for Kimi’s credentials.)

Here is what you will discover in this episode of Health Matters Podcast:

How “feeling safe” is important for women and men and how to express your needs.
How wellness practices impact your own health and that of the partnership.
What to do when you feel stressed in response to your partner’s health-related behavior.
How stress can take its toll on relationships and what you can do about it.
What is the only assumption you ought to make and how this can positively impact the wellness factor in your primary relationship?

At Kimi’s website you can download Signup Here to Get Kimi's 13-Week Building Treasured Relationships E-Zine Series by email.

Kimi Avary, M.A. Relationship Navigation Specialist, NLP Master practitioner and trainer, Bachelors in Family Studies and Human Development, Certified Relationship Coach, PAX (Partnership Adoration and Ecstasy) Licensed Partner.

I have also created a free download for you with some actionable steps you can take from our conversation about the Marriage of Love and Health.

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