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70 minJAN 17
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Merry Tankmas and a Happy New Year!


Author Comments Happy New Year from NGP! Will and Corey kick off the first episode of 2021 with a friendly conversation about their New Year festivities and discuss all the amazing events happening on Newgrounds. They boast about Meatcanyon's Monster Lab, SevenSeize's writing contest and@Xinxinixdrops by to give the low down on the art contests he's hosting! Will and Corey also took the time to talk with @GeoKureliand @BrandyBuizelabout Tankmas ADVENTure 2020! Hear them talk about the success, and struggles, of the game, their favorite submissions, the future of the series and what they would do to Mario and Sonic! It's an awesome interview that dives deep into the advent series! Thank you for jumping on and chatting with us guys! Please make sure you play 'Blue Boy Bleeding Out,' and leave a loving comment on the illustrious Turtle Toss Main Menu photo we boasted about in the episode! Here are the links to everything we discussed about in the episode: Tankmas ADVENTure 2020 Monster Lab: Episode 1 Val-21 Writing Contest! TLC: Concept Of Love Contest! TLC: Sexiest Outfit Contest! Blue Boy: Bleeding Out Toss the Turtles If you've enjoyed this show, show your support by doing these things: Become aPatron!Our Patreon is a means of stacking the show with awesome content while simultaneously giving back to the wonderful creators of Newgrounds. That's why we decided that all of the money will go STRAIGHT back into the artist pool, paying for segments and art and music and merch and other great stuff made by NG creatives instead of going into our own pockets. As a Patron, you get special privileges in our server as well as a shoutout at the end of every show. Between you, us, and the community, it's a win-win-win! Become a subscriber!NGP lives on Newgroundsandon podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple/Google Podcasts, Stitcher and more. So you can double-dip and become a follower on NG and a subscriber wherever you get your podcasts. Talk about us on social media!We don't pay for any ads (see above: all money goes to NG artists) so social media is how we get the word out and grow the show. If you want to support NGP but can't afford to do any money stuff (which istotally understandable cough cough 2020) then this is a great way to do it. Even a single tweet helps! ~ ~ ~ Theme Music Waterflame--Gabberfly- FOLLOW ON NG|FOLLOW ON TWITTER @TheNGPodcast|JOIN THE DISCORD