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86 minMAR 3
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Mick "RicePirate" Lauer


Author Comments RicePirate talks about the blood, sweat and tears he put into making Blood Sun Vendetta and more. Mick Lauer (RicePirate) joins VoicesByCorey and Xinxinix to talk about the process of creating his passion project Blood Sun Vendetta! Being a homage to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Mick goes into great detail about his love for the anime, the layout he has in store for his series and explains how amazing it feels to animate laying down. We also talk about the intricate process of telling someone how you'll, "F*** their @$$," while giving some insight as to how the recording process goes in the voice acting industry. Mick also takes the time to reminisce about SleepyCabin and the burning sensation potato salad leaves on a freshly shaved head. Links: Blood Sun Vendetta: Chapter 002 Potato Salad Dot Dot Dot - Animated CLAP 3 - Pictograms ~ ~ ~ BIG THANK YOU TO THE PATRONS:TomFulpplufmot,zj,Boozel,Charissa Patreon Want to support the show? We are launching a Patreon! The money collected there will be used to pay for content in the show, host more events, pay artists for promo art, and more. Our goal is to elevate the whole community. https://www.patreon.com/ngpodcast Theme Music Waterflame--Gabberfly- FOLLOW ON NG|FOLLOW ON TWITTER @TheNGPodcast|JOIN THE DISCORD