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40 min2014 DEC 6
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Money, Profits, Respect, Brain Picking, Sharing & All That Jazz


Money...Profits...Respect. Besides fulfilling needs, these three tenents are why we're in business. Even the most socially conscious business owner has to make money to keep the lights on. You opted out of the corporate world to make your own rules, fulfill your own destiny and uncap your earning potential. So why in the world are you allowing others and yourself to limt your earning potential?

The fact is many small businesses will under price, over serve and box themselves into the red because they let too many outside distractions take their eye off the prize. There's a con job floating through teh small business community that programs small business owners to give, give, give without giving them the full picture or disclosure. That if you focus at all on money, revenue, or profits that you're not an authentic person. I call bullcrap. We are all in business to make money. Period. But what these people don't tell you is that you have to condition yourself to always balance giving AND getting. Profit is not a dirty word. 

Tune in as I dispel certain myths about giving and getting (and profitability) within the small business community.