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Movie Mainline podcast
95 min2020 JUN 8
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Movie Mainline -Shirley Jackson and Debt Collectors


Welcome to Movie Mainline a Film podcast that brings you new fresh movie picks by real film lovers.

Bruce Purkey, aging punk enthusiast, family man, and freelance movie reviewer. Eric Holmes , to my knowledge, has never killed a human. His reviews are terrible but he likes to party so we let him hang out, also the winner of an impromptu rap battle… once. Greg Srisavasdi a Writer & editor for Deepest Dream and CinemAddicts podcast co-host, and Luis Lacau the creator of Man Bites Media and Man Bites Film podcast co-host.

Every week we will bring new films that are rare finds or streaming gems, from Shudder to Amazon Prime, we will cover the gamut of movies to watch at home.

Movies talked about:
Debt Collectors
Lonely are the Brave
The Death Wheelers (Psychomania)
Dreams with sharp Teeth
Blood Machines
Les Miserables 2020
Beast Master
After Hours
Defending your Life
Boing Boing

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