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--FEB 25
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Mutt & Chopps


Author Comments @PyschoGoldfishis joined by the crew fromSkel Studio(@almightyhans&@eiomaru) to talk about their amazing web series, Mutt & Chops. Also joining the conversation are fellow Mutt & Chops stars,@tomamotoandDexTheSwede! We go deep behind the scenes and learn a ton about the production of the show, and the value of a good sunblock. We also get a little tease related toMadness: Project Nexus! You can watch Mutt & Chopps here on Newgrounds, or on Youtube! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/713647 https://youtu.be/JLvmPQjY41c All episodes can be found on this playlist:https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMuHenMpOTzMYeYKIbLd6xX-VWBZx42z7 Also mentioned, the Soda Dungeon commercial they produced: https://youtu.be/LINWrvr4_Yc ~ ~ ~ Patreon Want to support the show? We are launching a Patreon! The money collected there will be used to pay for content in the show, host more events, pay artists for promo art, and more. Our goal is to elevate the whole community. https://www.patreon.com/ngpodcast Theme Music Waterflame--Gabberfly- FOLLOW ON NG|FOLLOW ON TWITTER @TheNGPodcast|JOIN THE DISCORD