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14 min2017 OCT 2
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MXCast with Katy Garnham: Ep001


MXCast is the audio documentation of somebody's transition from AFAB (assigned female at birth) to a body more suited to their needs. In episode one, Katy Garnham addresses the 'coming out story' - the first (and last' person they came out to at the age of 14 years old was their Mum. Katy was not prepared for the loss of control over how the 'coming out' was handled. Katy had no control over who was told - Mum seemed to tell everyone, leaving Katy to deal with the consequences, and never quite recovering from it. That was sexuality. Katy did have to come out all over again, this time over the question of gender, and this time it was with their father. For more details on the series, click here.