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NCJA 10-14
45 minJAN 14
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NCJA 10-14: Human Trafficking in North Carolina – United States versus Brandon Jennings


We are continuing our discussion about Human Trafficking and shining a spotlight on this important topic. Our guests today are Erin Blondel, Assistant District Attorney of the Western District, Special Agent Glen Covington of the Department of Homeland Security, Detective Rob Pereira of the Raleigh Police Department, and Michelle Scott, a victim-witness coordinator with the US Attorney's office. Today we will discuss the federal case of US v. Brandon Jennings. This case shines light on the characteristics of the trafficker as well as the victim. Cases, like this one, are not cut and dry and have multiple facets within them. Special Agent Glen Covington and Detective Pereira will discuss the clues and signs they saw when investigating this case, Assistant District Attorney Blondel discusses putting the case together, talking to victims and witnesses and Michelle Scott tells how important a relationship of trust between the victim, law enforcement and the prosecution office. Below you will find additional resources to aid you in identifying and learning more about Human Trafficking. For more information about Human Trafficking go to the Human Trafficking Commission resource page.