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1h 31min2022 APR 29
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This is Miyamoto. This week on theNXpress Nintendo Podcast,Cameron Daxon,Marc Kaliroff, andCampbell Gillreact to the latest shakeup in Nintendo’s release schedule and pour one out for the Mario movie’s delay into next Spring. But not long after that, it’s off to a galaxy far, far away for a jam-packed Star Wars extravaganza! The gang starts out by reviewing what has to be the most ambitious Lego game in a decade,Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.Moving on from the simple top-down collectathon format of the previous Lego Star Wars adventures,The Skywalker Sagaintroduces genuine innovation to the series by repurposing it as a fairly in-depth third-person action game–all without losing the series’ signature silly charm, of course. Maybe it didn’t completely stick the landing in some sections, but all told, it’s an extraordinary treat for longtime Lego lovers and Star Wars fans alike. Marc and Cameron follow this segment up by taking a deep dive into the glorious cheesefest that...

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