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Celebrity Cyndrome Podcast
3 min2020 APR 15
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OCEAN feat. Kevv


Prod. by Zero x Dylan Graham x Nakia Scott


(Pre- Hook)

You don’t wanna go there,
See you being sneaky tryna creep in my mind,
When I get to play it ain’t fair,
Better show me what I’m working with behind


All that ass on me,
You go freaky like you on some,
Work it like a genie,
Give you wishes like you want some,
You know ima dive into your ocean,
Baby ima take you thru the motion .

Bitch you talkin shit
you can’t afford a McChicken
I grow my own hair
But You stay taping them wigs in
I got a lil ass
it’s ya man who keep hittin
You been on ya dumb shit
you just need to quit it

I say what I want, ion be giving a fuck
If you wit you with it, then give it a thrust
I can keep going, even after I cum
You hoes stay shopping at wack niggas r us

If you fuck with my team, we drawin the blood
You gonna need Noah’s arc, cuz I’m coming to flood
Cuz it’s the blunt truth, I’m not s down for love.
The only reason i hit you, is cause I’m tryna fuck

I’m riding that dick
He tell a bitch to go faster
So i speed it up
This is just a big disASSter
Im shaking and I’m about to go overboard
Imma fall Into your ocean for sure

Hop off the dick, lemme post a status
A bunch of smiley faces cuz a bitch is happy
Done ate the candy, then threw away the wrapper
Done drank the brandy, stroke game fantastic
If you don’t watch ya man, imma take ya man
If i don’t you, then imma meet his family
Bet you never met a bitch quite so messy
Dis is what you get when u try to Tess me

I never made love in the back of Buick.
96’ road mass, really put me through it
Fucked me so good, he left me with bruises.
I might buss it open, but I’m not a loose bitch
Best check ya mouth bitch
I get paid by the thousand.
Best check ya mouth bitch
I get paid by the thousand.

Written & Performed by Kevv & Nakia

Zero Beatz, LLC & Nakia Scotts (her parts only)

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