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42 minMAR 26
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Our current infrastructure was shaped by deer


There is an impact to our world for every human convenience. Those conveniences are built around our infrastructure, but it’s not in the public’s consciousness. Why should we care? Because infrastructure is the most important thing in our world. Our economy, quality of life, and the future of humanity and our planet is intricately tied to infrastructure. Join Scott Zurn and Murray McBride as they discuss how we arrived at our current infrastructure and why throwing it away for a new one will be devastating for our planet. They discuss: Who planned our first roads Think of our world: We must be respectful of the fact that this planet has a finite amount of energy we can use and how we manage our infrastructure knowing that Is there an alternative or a better way moving forward Sign up for our exclusive email newsletter to stay up to date on new episodes and opportunities. leveldesignpartners.com/podcast/