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KrickCast Presents The Definitive
54 minJAN 8
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Pearls of Lutra (S2E2 of The Gatehouse: A Redwall Podcast)


We're back – and glad of it – with a real, full episode this time!
Today, we happily jump back into the world of Redwall to talk about the ottery goodness of the first full novel of our second season, Pearls of Lutra.  We're finally into novels that Kathryn definitely hasn't read before, so she comes to this book as a first-time reader.  We begin as we often do, with an appraisal of the traits and gimmicks main villain (today it's Mad Eyes' mad eyes), then we move on to discuss heroism by committee before turning our attention to Redwall.

Brick defends Tansy's choice to throw the Tears of the Sea into the ocean. Kathryn points out that they weren't Tansy's to dispose of. We quibble fervently over Mystic Martin's intervention and whether or not it's crucial. This editor remains neutral and cannot comment on the correctness of either individual. But one person is correct. And the other person is not. (This blurb writer, who is NOT the editor, technically agrees with the foregoing.)
Kathryn rants about Dibbuns again. And then, to conclude the episode, Brick is forced to come up with a criticism ... which leads to another Kathryn rant. She talks a lot today. Must be the fresh new season.  Enjoy!