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Wide Spectrum
53 min2019 MAR 19
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People, Pyramid and Gaspar Noe


In this episode, we talk about more without making much sense. The topic of this episode is dear to our host Chris (aka Chrissy Boiye) and it deals with people. We also visit our beloved "Old Bastard" section and introduce two more sections. One is  "Christians Corner", where Chrissy Boiye takes us through Gaspar Noe's new movie "Climax". The second is "Sundeep's Corner" where Sundeep (aka Shivalry) talks about an interesting article he found last year which has to do with the pyramids. At the end, we will give you guys a sneak peek of one of our jam sessions. Please don't forget to follow us on Podbean. You can also find us on itunes and YouTube under the name "Wide Spectrum"  and on spotify under the name "widespectrum". Thank you.