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67 minMAR 7
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Pick of the Week #770 - King in Black: Thunderbolts #3


Like the Chicago Bulls in the 90s, we've got a Pick of the Week three-peat, and it's all about the lifeless Sentry corpse. There were laughs, and one stinker of a book, but Josh is back and it's full steam ahead with the bonus of extra Patron powers. Bear with us on the steak thing. Running Time: 01:06:45 Pick of the Week: 00:02:06 - King in Black: Thunderbolts #3 Comics: 00:10:32 - Runaways #34 00:15:11 - America Chavez: Made in the USA #1 00:19:03 - BRZRKR #1 00:25:10 - Avengers #43 00:33:24 - Infinite Frontier #0 00:36:57 - Nocterra #1 00:38:38 - King in Black: Captain America #1 00:40:58 - The Swamp Thing #1 Patron Pick: 00:45:02 - Dead Dog's Bite #1 Patron Thanks: 00:52:20 - Greg Schlessinger 00:53:05- Ryan Silberstein 00:54:20 - Jay Hazzard 00:56:02- Tony Gallardo Audience Questions: 00:57:58 - Greg wants to know about steak, and we want to talk about steak. Brought To You By: • iFanboy Patrons - Become one today for as little as $3/month! Or make a one time donation of any amount! •iFanboyT-Shirts and Merch - Show your iFanboy pride with a t-shirt or other great merchandise on Threadless! We've got eight designs! Music: "Lifeless Dead" Mad Season Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices