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Psychedelic Salon
150 min2020 DEC 12
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Podcast 662 – “Leonard Pickard’s Rose of Paracelsus Ch 3”


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Guest speakers:

Ben Sessa, Tom Roberts, and Kat Lakey

Today’s podcast features a reading of Chapter 3 from Leonard Pickard’s novel, The Rose of Paracelsus. The chapter is read by Dr. Ben Sessa who is currently leading a psychedelic research project with Professor David Nutt in the UK. The reading is followed by commentary by Dr. Thomas Roberts. Long time listeners to the salon will remember Dr. Roberts from my Podcast 633 – “The Man Who Invented Bicycle Day”.

Leonard Pickard’s email addressaphrodine (dot) 1 (at) gmail (dot) com

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Ben Sessa’s Current Project

Books by Thomas Roberts

Psychedelics and Spirituality: The Sacred Use of LSD, Psilocybin, and MDMA for Human Transformation

The Psychedelic Future of the Mind: How Entheogens Are Enhancing Cognition, Boosting Intelligence, and Raising Values

Mindapps: Multistate Theory and Tools for Mind Design Foreword by James Fadiman



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