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Psychedelic Salon
52 min3 w ago
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Podcast 668 – “Nature Loves Courage”


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Date this lecture was recorded: April 5, 2021

Guest speaker:

Jacques Oliver and Matt Pallamary

Today’s podcast features a recording from last Monday evening’s Live Salon. Our guests were Jacques Oliver and Matt Pallamary who joined us to talk about Jacques’ recent autobiography, Nature Loves Courage. Since the three of us are long-time friends who have shared quite a few experiences together, the conversation sometimes turned to us telling a few of our old “war stories.”

Two of Jacques’ stories really stand out. As it turned out, Jacques was the last person for whom Terence McKenna ever held a DMT pipe. And then there is the story of how Jacques wound up spending a rainy night all alone in Terence’s house in Hawaii just after he helped pack the library for shipment to the states. The only things that were left in the room where he spent the night was a backpack that had some DMT in it and an urn on the mantle the contained Terence McKenna’s ashes. The story gets quite interesting from there.

Nature Loves Courageby Jacques Oliver



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