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1h 13min2019 JUL 14
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Today’s guest is Jordan Younger, the blogger behind the popular wellness & lifestyle blog, The Balanced Blonde. Jordan inspires her audience daily with her Instagram, books & hit podcast, Soul on Fire, all while healing from chronic illness. She started blogging in 2013 & quickly ditched the grad school life for the full-time blogging life, even before her site had made a dime. She knew in her bones that writing & sharing her life with her TBB community was what her soul had come here to do. Since then, her blog has turned into a brand, a book, a podcast, an incredible community of high vibe humans, as well as retreats and live events around the globe to connect with her readers and listeners. She also recently launched her course, Waking Back Up to Your Own Soul: 9 Weeks to Becoming More YOU Than You’ve Ever Thought Possible. If you follow Jordan, you’ll find everything from plant-based food creations to the best healing treatments in LA to an online diary from the heart of someone who has dedicated their life to wellness. In late 2017, Jordan fell very ill with chronic Lyme disease & her sickness became the catalyst for several major shifts in her life. Not only was it the initial spark for her spiritual journey, but she has also developed a passion and deep necessity for radical self-care, alternative healing treatments and holistic medicine. She has sought out the most effective Lyme treatments around the world (both holistic & Western) and has chronicled her journey. She is now on the road to healing & knows she is meant to help others heal & become their own healer. You can find Jordan on Instagram at @thebalancedblonde or through her website this episode, Jordan shares:-Quick & easy ways to live a more spiritual life-Her favorite Western & holistic healing treatments (& which treatments to avoid!)-Her experience with chronic illness-Why opening yourself up the universe will change your life-How to use social media in a positive, uplifting wayThis week’s Shining Star is Dani Austin - even though she’s currently going through a really difficult time, she’s been able to make light of her situation & to inspire other people to get through their own hard times. If you’re going through something difficult, she’s definitely someone you can look up to that really knows how to wake up every day and keep moving forward. You can find her on Instagram at @daniaustin - you will find her story incredible!Nominate the next Shining Star of the Week by going to or sending us an email at And say hello to us on instagram at @shareyourshinepodcast!