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Opera Box Score
69 min2020 OCT 7
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Rage Arias!


[@ 4 min] The OBS syndicate tackle a recent article in the 'Guardian' which argues that opera companies have been essential in making the return of live entertainment possible in the UK. How far might that assessment apply to opera in the US…? [@ 17 min] With all the madness of the past week, the OBS-ers figured you might want a calm-me-down playlist. Hear their recommendations on arias that’ll get you raging... [https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0EHMHSd1xfCRmJd83VABiv?si=60lfhQ6qT5OeW_UfjjMGDQ] ...and then bring you back down peacefully… [https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2dOsODafBLrZLeKKFCZMNR?si=T_uEQRsxScaZOyqB0xEkCA] [@ 48 min] In the ‘Two Minute Drill’, one of the original Barihunks gives up his leather pants... www.operaboxscore.com www.facebook.com/obschi1 @operaboxscore IG operaboxscore